In 2015 EOSCA, celebrated 25 years of the Association. Founded in 1990 with John Moorfield as the Chair, EOSCA was incorporated as a company under guarantee in 1997. Over the years the association has proved to be a valuable network and industry association group, leading and supporting the development of tools such as CHARM and the NECCS Software and contributing to guidance, participating in the OSPAR Regulatory process as an official NGO, and acting as a focal point for discussions and agreements with and between the chemical supply industry and national regulatory groups, and other bodies like OSPAR, CEFIC and ECHA.

EOSCA is currently promoting the use of an industry specific common format, developed by DUCC (Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination Group), for reporting uses under REACH.

The purpose of this template is to provide a tool to Downstream Users (DU) Associations (and their members) for mapping and reporting uses for their respective sectors. Uses should be mapped using the Use Descriptor System. For more information click on the Regulations icon below.