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Executive Secretary

European Oilfield Speciality Chemicals Association

EOSCA Secretarial Function

The Executive Secretary is the first point of contact for its Members, regulatory bodies and greater industry.   The Duties comprise:

To arrange all EOSCA Committee,  Member and Board meetings in UK, Norway & Netherlands and any other locations

  • Book hotel meeting rooms as required for agreed dates
  • Reserve hotel accommodation as appropriate
  • Liaise with hotel regarding catering, numbers etc
  • Liaise with chair meeting Agenda
  • Post Agenda on website in Members area
  • Notify Members of times and location of meetings

To take minutes of EOSCA Committee,  Member and Board meetings

  • Provide EOSCA laptop computer for presentations at meeting
  • Take notes at meetings
  • Receive copies of presentations at meetings
  • Type minutes up as draft and get Chair approval
  • Post minutes and presentations on website in Members’ area
  • Carry out any actions from meetings as appropriate

To facilitate new EOSCA Memberships

  • Promote EOSCA at external meetings and events
  • Liaise with prospective Members providing details of Membership requirements, Application forms,  meeting dates
  • Arrange ballots at meetings

To arrange CWG meetings in Aberdeen

  • Liaise with host company meeting room for appropriate dates
  • Liaise with CWG Chair meeting Agenda
  • Take notes at meetings
  • Type up as draft and get Chair approval
  • Distribute minutes to attendees
  • Maintain distribution list

To attend External Meetings as appropriate

  • To confirm attendance for Secretary and where appropriate Chair
  • To arrange travel and accommodation as appropriate
  • To prepare any presentations as appropriate
  • Including meetings typically with
    • OSPAR Offshore Industry Committee (OIC) & OSPAR Commission
    • CHARM Implementation Network (CIN) Committee
    • Regulators, Operator Associations and Add Novatech for NEMS
  • Feedback information from meetings to Committee and Members

To maintain EOSCA website

  • Update existing web pages and add new pages as appropriate
  • Maintain list of Members and Member ID and Passwords
  • Post information for members only in restricted area on website
  • Liaise with web developer changes/ improvements to website

To facilitate sales of NeCCS,  the New EOSCA CHARM Calculator Software

  • Receive orders from customers via website or e mail
  • Maintain stocks of DVDs, disc labels and mailers
  • Generate User Licences
  • Burn DVDs, print disc labels
  • Generate as appropriate invoices
  • Post DVDs and invoices to customers
  • Act as first point of call for any issues regarding installation of software
  • Liaise with software developer resolution of issues and updates as appropriate
  • Keep documentation up to date

To maintain EGEST,  the EOSCA Generic Exposure Scenario Tool

  • Periodically review applicability of software
  • Liaise with others any up dates
  • Liaise with web developed posting on website

To represent EOSCA at Committee and other meetings of Chemistry in the Oil Industry Symposium

  • Attend meetings
  • Promote interest with Members
  • Publicise on website
  • Chair symposium session

To assist with Treasurer Duties

  • Maintain Membership list
  • Generate and Issue annual subscription invoices
  • Follow up any subscription payment delays with Members

Applicants should be prepared for their address/ phone number to used as the main contact point for the Association.