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Fraction Released Literature Review – Request for Proposal

European Oilfield Speciality Chemicals Association

EOSCA is seeking proposals from contractors for a project to progress a Literature Review on calculating, measuring or estimating the fraction of a chemical that is likely to be released in produced water discharges offshore.  

The EOSCA Fraction Released Working Group has identified that one specific area where the accuracy of exposure assessments could be improved is with respect to the methodology and values used for the fraction released of surfactants in oilfield chemicals modelled using the Chemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management (CHARM) framework. 

This RfP seeks proposals from contractors to advance literature review work with the following main objectives:

  1. To review the existing literature already identified by the group
  2. To expand the literature review using targeted searches
  3. To compile a summary report outlining key and pertinent findings:
    • Specifically outline the relevance and usefulness of the existing literature wrt. surfactants within the CHARM model framework
    • Include recommendations for targeted approaches including possible experimental work to underpin more accurate release fraction estimates for surfactants

At a later stage, EOSCA FRWG would also be interested to pursue publication of the literature review summary report in a relevant peer-reviewed scientific journal. The request for proposals (RfP) is for an initial cost and timeline estimate that will be later refined with selected contractor(s).

Download the RfP here:

Please note the deadline set by FRWG for bids on this RfP is 31st January 2022.