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European Oilfield Speciality Chemicals Association

Image of oil platform while cloudless day. Oil platform on sea is offshore structure with facilities to drill wells, extract and process oil and natural gas and temporarily store produced goods until it can be brought to the shore for refining.

The EU REACH Regulation authority “ECHA” have initiated a consultation on the restriction of intentionally added microplastics.  This could see heavy controls or even bans being placed on the marketing and use of products containing microplastics, and the Oil and Gas industry are specifically named as an industry of concern.

EOSCA, the European Oilfield Speciality Chemicals Association, in association and cooperation with IOGP and OSPAR national Contracting Parties has taken the lead in asking all its members and other chemical suppliers to the Oil and Gas industry to support collating the relevant data required to respond to the ECHA call for evidence and comments in time for the 11th May consultation deadline.

Chemical companies supplying the oil and gas industry are requested to contact EOSCA and support the confidential data gathering exercise by 13th April, so that EOSCA can assess the data and product non-confidential summary data reflecting the extent of the use and discharge of microplastics in the offshore industry.

Download EOSCA microplastics background document using the button below.